Knowing the unknown

 (For chelsea manning)

“I will only admit evidence of the chilling effects of Bradley Manning's actions have had on US diplomacy if those effectswere observed directly after the information was made public'

Judge Denise Lind


To tell the truth about atrocity

To provoke debate about honesty

How can that aid the enemy

To ask questions of military intervention

To instigate a mass mobilization

These facts existed

What changed was the public perception

And lest we forget in the tourniquet of instapatriotism

The acts of bush/blair and their shock and awe

Enough to endanger us interests at home and abroad?

Or numerous soldiers killing children and mothers

Raping women then lying for each other

The chilling effects of a bullet are more bullets more lies

The chilling effects of bombs are more bombs from more skies

The chilling effect war

Wasted lives,

The chilling effects of chelsea manning's actions

Were education



Like wilfred owen, siegfried sassoon and tim o' brien

Before her

Bearing witness to savagery and


Like the suffragettes

the chartists

Freedom of information

And emancipation all she wanted

Yet chelsea manning

Lays imprisoned

By her acts of responsible humanity

A whistleblower only asks questions

to what is civil in our civilization

holds the mirror up to society

The only chilling effect isknowledge and

Knowledge has its own destiny

And that does not aid the enemy