here is my new site – great work by paul thomas to create it. so many things to write about and express and will be using this to discuss issues and try out new work.

exciting times ahead with a new play with national theatre wales, a book of poetry published by the red poets press and a brand new spoken word cd as black triangle which is my new sonic project with julian gardner.

as ever i am out working in the community involved in some fantastic life affirming projects with such organisations as The Alzheimer's Society, Literature Wales, Age Cymru and Head4Arts.

We need words more than ever before. here live mine –


"the public interest is taken care of by the private interest of wanting to make money"

John Redwood 1994


"we have been the dreamers, we have been the sufferers, now we are the builders"

Aneurin Bevan, 1945


bring your children to the nursery

with their disease and sickness,

this is the place where I hope to cure all illness

at the point of need, this is an emergency


come now, our tomorrow

rest yourself

as i halt fear and heal bone marrow,

and, from an early death

i promise emancipation,

with my doctors, nurses

and vaccinations


let in the mothers

the pool is ready for another,

carer of the next generation,

sleep, prepare for this new birth,

I offer you protection,

as you grow the roots of our new earth


welcome, people from other nations,

with troubled faces from distant places,

i have room for you, my new patients,

i have no borders to caring,

pain has no dialect, this language is for sharing

let love be found in translation


sit, eat from my pantry,

become healthy

as you, you are my ultimate test,

bring me your tortured tongues

so you may speak again

from far off battlefields show your scarred flesh

so i can stem the blood and heal your pain.


to you, the wiser, the elderly, the old,

do not be afraid, do not huddle in the cold,

my door is open,

come in, come in,

it is warm, trust us,

and i shall lance the boils of poverty's injustice,

and drain the infection,

as in my house these rooms

offer cure by prevention,


and so to the sick, to the dying, those crippled with


stay, in my garden,


lay, beneath the trees

i shall provide peace and serenity

to strengthen the health of vulnerablity

no matter what age, sex, class, race or country,


my windows pour penicillin

my library, the words of the masters,

Simpson, Pasteur and Fleming

not market forces or ignorant capitalists


so be careful how you treat your house, our home

never neglect or leave alone

keep clean,  add extensions

but never damage the bricks or remove my foundations


from the wasteland of squalor, disease and


I am the safe place

the healing home

injecting cells with reconstruction,

the everlasting bandage

to deliver all from illnessed bondage

I am the suture

to stitch the wounds of the past

but i am the scalpel

to carve the future

to make this dream last

to make this dream last.


"the verb is more important than the noun"

Aneurin Bevan